Berlin based artist duo

The Berlin based artists Andreas Greiner (*1979 in Aachen) and Armin Keplinger (*1982 in Linz) collaborate as the artist duo A/A since 2011. Central to their artistic practice is the exploration of time based media: The artists consistently focus on the transitional moment of materials when changing their state of aggregation to a solid, liquid or aerially one. A/A’s sculptural works are characterized by movement and ephemerality. During the last years the artists increasingly focussed on the junction of analogue and virtual space, and particularly on VR.

Nevin Aladag

Berlin based artist

Nevin Aladağ (*1972 in Van, Turkey) is a Berlin based artist. As trained sculptor she often combines objects, performances, music and film while focussing on the crossings of cultural heritage, traditions and everyday objects. A greater part of her works circle around music and patterns and hence representative subjects for universally understood signs and languages. Last year, Aladağ has been part of the documenta 14 and the Venice Biennale.


Hamburg based artist collective

BALTIC RAW ORG (BRO) is a Hamburg based operational organization and association of artists, playwrights, humanities scholars and architects that realizes temporary interventions in public space. BRO’s socially engaging and site specific works are defined by strongly participatory threads. By regaining public areas, they follow the idea to redefine public space and turn it into an area for engagement. The core group consists of Móka Farkas, Christoph Janiesch and Berndt Jasper. For „Die Informale“ BRO will be supported by Ole Wulfers, Carsten „Erobique“ Meyer and Paul Speckmann.

Aram Bartholl

Berlin based artist

The Berlin based artist Aram Bartholl (*1972 in Bremen) studied at the University of the Arts Berlin. He focuses on the interplay between the internet, culture and reality and analyzes, for example, how the taken-for-granted communication channels influence us. Bartholl is not just examining how humans are handling media, but also what media does to humans. Tensions between public and private, online and offline, techno-lust and everyday life are at the core of his work. His public interventions and installations, often entailing surprisingly physical manifestations of the digital world, challenge our concepts of reality and incorporeality.

Rosario Bléfari

Buenos Aires based artist

Rosario Bléfari (*1965 in Mar del Plata) is a Buenos Aires based artist. She formed the rock band “Suárez” during the nineties, and in the following decade she released five albums as a soloist. In 2013 she formed “Sué Mon Mont” with musicians from the independent rock scene and started “Paisaje escondido”, an experimental song project in 2016. She wrote and directed collaborative theatre. Her latest acting work was in the film “Idea of a Lake” by Milagros Mumenthaler (2017). Furthermore, she edited books of poems like “Poemas en prosa”, B and F (2001), “La música equivocada” (2009) and “Antes del río” (2016). She also directs the podcast “Los cartographers”.

Julian Charrière

Berlin based artist

Julian Charrière (*1987 in Switzerland) is a Berlin based artist. He studied at the University of the Arts in Berlin under professor Olafur Eliasson and was participant at his Institut für Raumexperimente (Institute for Spatial Experiments). His work bridges the realms of environmental science and cultural history. Marshalling performance, sculpture and photography, his projects often stem from fieldwork in remote locations with acute geophysical identities such as volcanoes and radioactive sites. His works have explored post-romantic constructions of ‘nature’, and staged tensions between deep or geological timescales and those relating to mankind. Julian Charrière is a member of the artist collective „Das Numen“.

Jorge Crowe

Buenos Aires based artist

j.crowe is an audiovisual artist, electronic developer and teacher based in Buenos Aires. Since 2008 he directs the Laboratorio de Juguete (Toy Laboratory), an outreach space specialized in electronics and its educational and artistic applications. Since 2013 he presents Ludotecnia, a live audiovisual set based on the use of electromechanical toys, with which he has traveled through festivals and events in 25 cities throughout 7 Latin American countries. In 2018 he independently edited the disc in all streaming platforms and also in physical format of sound electronic circuit.

Die Tödliche Doris

Berlin based artist group & band

The West Berlin artist group and band “Die Tödliche Doris” (“The Deadly Doris“) was founded by Wolfgang Müller and Nikolaus Utermöhlen in 1980. Both studied experimental film design and visual communication under Prof. Wolfgang Ramsbott at the University of the Arts in Berlin. Over the years, „Die Tödliche Doris“ appeared in changing formations with three, four or more members until the band was dissolved in autumn 1987. “Die Tödliche Doris” has been a groundbreaking conceptual project regarding the junction of music and performance art. Ultimately, the artistic practice has been widened to all media such as painting, sculpture, film, video, photography and literature in connection with music.

Uros Djurovic

Berlin based artist

Berlin based artist Uros Djurovic (*1979 in Berlin) studied painting at the Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weissensee. His works appear emotionally charged. Hovering between dark and humoristic moments, they show theatratical settings characterized by a strong chiaroscuro often recalling film history. Djurovic masterly switches between traditional and new techniques and media such as oil painting, woodcut and film whereby he stresses the limits and searches for the new forms and possibilities emerging from the overlay.

Pauline Doutreluingne

Berlin based curator

Pauline Doutreluingne (*1982 in Kortrijk, Belgium) is an independent curator based in Berlin. Doutreluingne studied Sinology and East Asian Cultural Studies at Ghent University, Belgium, and Art Management at CAFA in Beijing, where she founded the „Borderline Moving Images Festival“ and was assistant director at Platform China Contemporary Art Institute. Moreover, Doutreluingne co-founded the „Mindpirates“ art collective in Berlin. Currently, she curates a one-year program called “Karma Ltd Extended” at ACUD Galerie in Berlin and works closely with Anne Duk Hee Jordan on her project „Into the Wild“.

Brad Downey

Berlin based artist

Brad Downey is a Berlin-based, Kentucky-born artist who has made radical and inspiring artworks all across the globe. With humour, sensitivity, and insight, Downey examines the fabric of our cities, our countryside, our holy sites, and our forgotten margins and disputed borders. In doing so, he weaves new narratives into their chaotic patterns and makes vague the divisions between art and the everyday.

Peter Edinger

Berlin based Mixologist

Peter Edinger is a Berlin based mixologist and barkeeper. After years of experience behind some of Berlin’s most renowned bars such as „Bar25“ and the popular „Tier“, he recently opened his already famed bar „Herr Lindemann“ in Berlin-Neukölln. Edinger creates drinks focusing on the qualities and flavorful impact of traditional and almost forgotten herbs and plants. The aromatic base of his cocktails is cultivated by the barkeeper himself and grows in herb spirals in his garden in Brandenburg. The culinary experience at „Herr Lindemann“ challenges palate, mind and soul. Edinger’s herbal bar concept is unique in Europe, only matched by the famous „Pharmacy“ in New York.

Kasia Fudakowski

Berlin based artist

The Berlin based artist Kasia Fudakowski (*1985 in London) explores social riddles through material encounters, surreal logic and comic theory with a diverse and playful practice including sculpture, performance, writing and film. Her current and on-going film project „Word Count“ received the Otto d’Ame award for development as a part of Features Expanded in 2016 and will be part of „Die Informale“.

Björn Gogalla

Berlin based graphic designer & photographer

Björn Gogalla is a berlin Based graphic designer and photographer. He studied at the university of applied science Berlin (FHTW) under the Professor of photography Manfred Paul. Moreover Gogalla has been working with the illustrator Reiko Kammer as an artistic duo since 2010.

Vincent Grunwald

Berlin based artist

Vincent Grunwald (*1984 in Berlin) is a Berlin based artist, curator and publisher. After graduating at the University of the Arts in Berlin, he co-founded the publishing house AKV Berlin in 2008, which aims to examine the potential roles of the originator. His artworks often evolve during research-based processes and – according to their context – share a critical perspective on social, political or economic developments.

Perla Herro

Buenos Aires based chef

Perla is a chef based in Buenos Aires. She grew up in the countryside, in a house where the kitchen was the heart of the home. She studied Fine Arts and on a trip to São Paulo, Brazil she discovered macrobiotics. Perla led her own restaurants for many years, did internships abroad and cooked for countless international guests who enjoy healthy food. As coordinator of Slow Food Argentina, she founded ‘Art in the Kitchen’ and participates in the Terra Madre Network of Slow Food.
She works for food education, a passion she has nurtured for years by giving cooking classes and lectures in Argentina and abroad.

Anne Duk Hee Jordan

Berlin based artist

Anne Duk Hee Jordan (*1978 in Korea) is a Berlin based artist. She studied at the University of the Arts in Berlin under professor Olafur Eliasson and was participant at his Institut für Raumexperimente (Institute for Spatial Experiments). Jordan experiments with and focuses on phenomena of ecosystems and creates a visual vocabulary that addresses different social and ecological issues. Her work incorporates food as a central component and motor of earthly life, while her oeuvre accumulates to a fictional and experimental universe revealing itself bit by bit.

Guido Ignatti

Buenos Aires based artist

Guido Ignatti (*1981 in Buenos Aires) is a conceptual and Buenos Aires based artist. His site-specific and time-based installations explore the tensions between the materiality of art and its conceptual aspects. Based on his experience as an artist, manager, installer and writer, he renders visible how this tense relationship between corporeality and interiority arise during the process of art making and observing.

Christian Jankowski

Berlin based artist

Christian Jankowski (*1968 in Göttingen) is a Berlin based conceptual and performance artist who studied at the University of Fine Arts, Hamburg. His work consists of performative interactions between himself and non-art professionals, between contemporary art and the so-called ‘world outside of art’. Over time, he has collaborated with e.g. magicians, politicians, news anchors and members of the Vatican. His work can be understood as a reflection, deconstruction, and critique of today’s ‚society of spectacle’ and of art itself, as it has given itself over to spectacle and thereby endangered its critical potential.

Armin Keplinger

Berlin based artist

The Berlin based artist Armin Keplinger (*1982 in Linz) focuses on digital image creation and state of the art CGI techniques in order to explore the gap between states of time and the mutual interaction of digital and physical space. Since 2011 he is collaborating with Andreas Greiner as the artist duo A/A.

Felix Kiessling

Berlin based artist

Felix Kiessling (*1980 in Hamburg) is a Berlin based artist. He studied at the University of the Arts in Berlin under professor Olafur Eliasson and was participant at his Institut für Raumexperimente (Institute for Spatial Experiments). Kiessling’s artistical practice includes various media such as conceptual installations, videos and sculptures.

Fabian Knecht

Berlin based artist

Fabian Knecht (*1980 in Magdeburg) is a Berlin based artist. He studied a.o. at the University of the Arts in Berlin under professor Olafur Eliasson and was participant at his Institut für Raumexperimente (Institute for Spatial Experiments). Knecht’s works often appear unexpectedly in public space. They break down the traditional exhibition context and enter into everyday life. The artist changes patterns of perception and action, transgresses art concepts and power structures, and stresses social relations and norms by countering them with strong and provocative images.

Luciana Lamothe

Buenos Aires based artist

Luciana Lamothe (*1975 in Buenos Aires) is mostly known as a sculptor. Her massive structural pieces investigate the ambivalence of industrial materials and the different modes in which they assemble before breaking up, leading to states of extreme material stress. Just as she subjects these structures to various and perilous tests of resistance, Lamothe forces the spectator to act as a guinea pig for the perfectly balanced architectural tension she creates.

Jeewi Lee

Berlin based artist

Jeewi Lee (*1987 in Seoul) is a Berlin based artist. She studied a.o. at the University of the Arts in Berlin. With her multidisciplinary and site-specific practice Lee examines memory, time and decay. The performative marks and imprints of the every-day – the ‚trace‘ – becomes a central subject. It gets collected and preserved as pictorial element and recorded archive of lived social and historical events. But while traces appear in abstract and minimal forms, they contain indexicality and narrative elements recalling the passage of time: a visual allegory for lived experience – of history, place, memory and the body. Lee received the prestigious Villa Romana Art Prize in 2018.

Mischa Leinkauf

Berlin based artist

Mischa Leinkauf is a Berlin based artist and filmmaker who dedicates himself to the conversion of urban topographies and the exploration of its borders. Constantly crossing the boundaries of individual freedom, Leinkauf extends the artistic and societal scope through his artistic practice.

Carolina Magnin

Buenos Aires based artist and co-director

Carolina Magnin (*1957 in Buenos Aires) is a visual artist and the co-director of the independent non-profit institution La Ira de Dios (LID) in Buenos Aires. Magnins practice is based on the idea of memory as a construction and the concept of photography as a generator of new realities. Using the methodology of appropriation of archival material, she also explores the objectification of the subject through the scientific gaze and the influence of memory on the uniqueness of existence.

Pablo Mazzolo

Buenos Aires based artist

Pablo Mazzolo (*1976) is a Buenos Aires based experimental filmmaker and video artist. He usually works towards capturing and exposing the inner logics of fundamental forces such as optics, chemistry and light waves, and juxtapose their effects over the social landscapes of human interaction. Using stock and archive footage, and loosely adopting the documentary method, he tries to evaporate the limits between the invisible laws of the universe, dreams and reality.

Kevin McElvaney

Hamburg based photographer

Kevin McElvaney is an independent photographer and artist based in Hamburg. Since he started his career in 2014, he travelled and worked in more than fifty countries, always driven by the interest in environmental and humanitarian stories. McElvaney covered e.g. the electronic-waste scandal in Ghana, sulphur mining in Indonesia, albinism in Tanzania, and the so-called refugee crisis in the Aegean and Mediterranean Sea. McElvany’s covered earlier stations of the „Übermut Project“ and will enrich also „Die Informale“ with his precise photographic eye for details as well as interpersonal and atmospheric dynamics.

Björn Melhus

Berlin based artist

Bjørn Melhus (*1966) is a German-Norwegian media artist based in Berlin. He has developed a singular position, expanding the possibilities for a critical reception of cinema and television. His practice of fragmentation, destruction, and reconstitution of well-known figures, topics, and strategies of the mass media opens up not only a network of new interpretations and critical commentaries, but also defines the relationship of mass media and viewer anew.

Carsten “Erobique” Meyer

Hamburg based musician

Carsten Meyer (*1972) and better known as EROBIQUE, is a Hamburg based DJ, composer and producer. After establishing his skills and name as solo artist EROBIQUE, he moved to Hamburg in 2000 where he co-founded the electronic trio “International Pony” together with DJ Koze and Comic DJ. Meyer has been composing and performing as sound artist for e.g. the Maxim Gorki Theater in Berlin and museums like Haus der Kunst, Munich. In addition to his many musical collaborations in Israel, Brazil or the Ivory Coast, he produced podcasts for WDR, SWR and composed film music.

Nicolas Monti

Buenos Aires based artist

Sharing his time between Buenos Aires and the secluded mountain range of Córdoba, Nicolás Monti is what we could call a performance artist. His interest resides mainly on designing and executing disruptive public actions, deeply rooted in the aesthetics of the argentinean civil resistance that blossoms during dark political times (i.e., strategic graffiti and the escrache). As a punk partisan and distinguished member of the queer techno scene, he tends to work collectively, summoning all kinds of friends to silently march, all dressed in black, through different significant spots of the city’s landscape. Sometimes, channeling a kind of Thoreauesque spirit, he works alone, producing fanzines of anarchically erotic content.

Konrad Mühe

Berlin based artist

Konrad Mühe (*1982 in Karl-Marx-Stadt) is a Berlin based artist. He studied in Burg Giebichenstein Halle/Saale and at the University of the Arts in Berlin under Lothar Baumgarten and Hito Steyerl. Mühe combines the genres of video, installation and sculpture, and often reacts directly on the exhibition space. In his video sculptures, he renews the relationship of the moving image and the objects he chose to frame the projection equipment. The video works and their corpus enter a dialogue and render the tension between the projections as mental space and the real physical objects visible. His sculptures subsequently become real characters.

Julian Rosefeldt

Berlin based artist

The Berlin based artist Julian Rosefeldt (*1965 Munich) is internationally renowned for his visually opulent and meticulously choreographed moving image artworks, mostly presented as complex multi-screen installations. Inspired equally by the histories of film, art and popular culture, Rosefeldt uses familiar cinematic tropes to carry viewers into surreal, theatrical realms, where the inhabitants are absorbed by the rituals of everyday life, employing humour and satire to seduce audiences into familiar worlds made strange. Rosefeldt is holding a professorship of Digital and Time-based Media at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich since 2011.

Corinna Schnitt

Berlin based artist

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Sarah Schönfeld

Berlin based artist

Sarah Ancelle Schönfeld (*1979 in Berlin) is a Berlin based artist. She studied at the University of the Arts in Berlin under Lothar Baumgarten. Her work jestingly deals with spiritual and scientific imagination. It reflects on different kinds of knowledge-, control- and truth-production, constituting and reproducing the human „self“ in the world. Schönfeld’s subjects float with ease between the arts and different scientific disciplines such as history, physics or biology, whereby she focusses primarily on the edges: on myths, magic and memory. Her work includes a wide range of mediums including photography, print, sculpture, installation and performance.

Paul Speckmann

Hamburg based DJ and producer

Paul Speckmann is a DJ and producer born and based in Hamburg. Already as a 14-year-old he started to play and mix Hip Hop and obscure Turkish and Pakistani records while working at the Groove City Record Store. In 2014 he became a Resident-DJ at Hamburgs most famous club „Golden Pudel“ where he ever since organized great raves in collaboration with musicians such as Caribou, Erobique or Derya Yildrim. Meanwhile, Speckmann does not only produce his own music, but also composes pieces for theatres (e.g. Hamburger Schauspielhaus, Kampnagel, Hamburger Sprechwerk) and collaborates with the artistic collective Baltic RAW, who he’s been playing for at several events at the Kunsthalle Hamburg, the museum for contemporary art Deichtorhallen or at Kampnagel.

Juan Manuel Tobal

Buenos Aires based artist

Juan Tobal a.k.a TOBE is a Buenos Aires based artist. He studied composition at the Universidad de Bellas Artes de La Plata. In 2007 he released the LP “Treehouse” with Ignacio de Andrés under the pseudonym TRIJAUS. In 2010 his second LP “No importa” was released by the French label Camaraderie Limited and distributed in Japan by Little Pad Records with presentations in France, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium and Germany. Furthermore, Juan formed the MOMPOX quintet and gained much visibility in the local indie scene, as well as South and North America with presentations at the SXSW (Austin, Texas) or Vive Latino in Mexico.

Nasan Tur

Berlin based artist

Nasan Tur (*1974 in Offenbach) is a Berlin based artist. After studying at the College of Design in Offenburg (HfG) he graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts Städelschule in Frankfurt in 2000. Tur’s work reflects the social conditions in which it is produced, often exploring political ideologies, subliminal messages, and the symbols of power and dissent that are present throughout the urban landscape. An exploration of the tension between public action and inaction is intrinsic to his practice with a participatory element often implicating the subjectivity or presence of the viewer.


Berlin based artist duo

The Berlin based artist duo Wermke/Leinkauf is known for its installations and interventions in public space examining the hidden possibilities and secret potential of cities. They use various artistic strategies to convert urban topographies and explore its borders such as creating temporary irritations that give new perspectives on everyday situations. Wermke/Leinkauf thereby often relates to the genius loci and the history of a spaces.

Ole Wulfers

Berlin based musician

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Augusto Zaquetti

Buenos Aires based artist

Augusto Zaquetti is a Buenos Aires based artist who began his artistic activity as an autodidact. He specialized in installations, performances and video. Today, Zaquetti works with the action of the body and the new media as different field of experimentation and creation in video and performative arts.